Camaraderie & Competition

Looking to Meet and Play with Other Members? Do You Want Bragging Rights as "Series Champion"?... The Nine-Hole Men's League Gives You That Chance! Spanish Trail Country Club offers our members a Nine-Hole Men's League every Wednesday night during the summer months.

  • 11 events which play in varying formats including individual and/or two-man team play.

  • The point system is designed to build totals over the course of the eleven events, culminating in a season ending horse race finale. The top 15 qualifiers square off in the final event to determine the Series Champion.

  • Weekly winners are paid-out, and the top four weekly winners gain additional points toward their series totals.

  • The event is handicapped using nine-hole handicaps for each specific course used, and all events are played using net scoring. The advantage is that golfers of all levels are able to compete with each other on a level playing field.

    • Formats range from Alternate Shot to Individual Stableford to Two-Man Scramble, and everything in-between

Hours & Fees

  • 5:00pm & 5:30pm Shotguns every Wednesday from June 7-August 23

  • Cart Fee: $11, member account charge PLUS $20, cash buy-in, which pays out weekly and the season ending prize pool

Ladies Day

Our ladies are treated to 18 holes of competition and camaraderie with varying, formats and games.

  • The Spanish Trail Ladies Golf Association provides payouts and weekly birdie and chip-in payouts which run the course of the season

  • A variety of formats provide the opportunity to compete in games ranging from individual play to foursome team games:

    • There are games such as “Jokers Wild,” “Sucker in the Bucket,” “Skins,” and the ever-popular, “Beat the Pro”

  • The events are open to all lady members and are handicapped using net scoring

  • No men allowed…that’s Ladies Day at Spanish Trail

Hours & Bites

  • Every Thursday from Fall through Spring
  • Shotgun start take place between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • A light bite lunch menu is offered immediately after play